I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about my blog. I believe that blogging is not only a great way to keep in touch and share information, but it is also an invaluable tool. I am not sure how effective my blog has been so far, so I’ve been doing some research. I am relatively new to the world of blogging so I’ve spent some time checking out some other blogs. I’ve dabbled in WordPress and you can see what I started doing here. Compare that layout and style with what you see here and let me know which one you like better.

The WordPress option would actually be easier to use, but I believe it also has some drawbacks. I am curious what others think. What features do you like to see in a blog? What information is helpful for you to read?

Just the other day I heard a photographer/blogger say that if you are blogging, you should blog every day. Okay, I am going to take that advice and see what happens. I figure even this old dog can learn at least some new tricks, so I am game to give it a try. Tomorrow is Wednesday, so I will be featuring a new weekly blog entry I am going to call Wildlife Wednesday. I enjoy photographing wildlife and will share some wildlife photo tips each Wednesday.

What do you think about blogging? What are you looking to read in photography blogs?


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