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Posted in Software on May 4, 2009 by bobshank

Photography software abounds. Everywhere you go you can find a new piece of software to enhance photos or display them onĀ  your website. I have been using Lightroom since last summer and I love it! Lightroom allows me to process RAW files or JPGs. I can dodge or burn a photo and even add a graduated filter. The really nice thing is the way I can organize and catalog my photos for easy retrieval the next time I want to access and work on the photographs. It is very easy to use and yet very powerful. I do use Lightroom to post photos to my website galleries, but am always looking for new creative ways to do this. Enter Picasa! I came across this software last night and so far I am impressed. I had heard of this software beforeĀ but I think back then it was only available for the MAC. Last night I used it for the first time and it appears to be very nice and usuable software. I really like the templates that are available for Picasa.

What photo software are you using?


Music Man Photos

Posted in Website on May 4, 2009 by bobshank

I continue to learn more and more about the wonderful world of photography and technology. I thoroughly enjoyed photographing The Music Man, Jr. put on by our daughter’s Intermediate school here in Pleasant Valley. I will be having a memory book made for the students and parents to purchase as a keepsake. I wanted to have a sample of this on my website and I heard about a feature that intrigued me. It is a slide show that replicates the turning of pages as you view a book online. I did a little research and came up with an idea that looked like it might work well. You can check it out yourself here:

The tools that we have at our fingertips these days are simply amazing!