New Photography Ideas

I firmly believe that photographers need to always be looking for new ideas and inspiration. Photography is an art form that require this. Becoming stale is the fear of many artists. Success is met with both elation and some amount of trepidation. The feelings of elation are pretty much self-explanatory, but with every success comes the worry of where the next new idea will come from and will it be better than the last?

So where do you get new ideas?

We have a lot of resources available today to find inspiration and new photographic ideas. Other photographers, magazines, the internet, and podcasts are all places we can find inspiration and cultivate new ideas to enhance our photography. These are all places I frequent often to get new ideas. My iPod allows me to take podcasts with me so I can listen to them wherever I go. I gain plenty of new insights this way. Photographer’s websites and photo galleries are another place to receive inspiration.

Where do you go for new ideas?


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