The Versatility of Lightroom

I enjoy using Adobe Lightroom for my workflow. I use this software to download my photos to my laptop and external hard drive. Then, once this is done, I can sort through the photos to find the keepers that I might want to post on an online gallery or print. The Develop Module then allows me to tweak the photograph in a variety of ways. The white balance can be changed, the exposure can be adjusted, and tools like the local adjustment brush and graduated filter can be used. Once I finish the develop adjustments, I can create a slideshow or go to the Web Module and create a gallery to post on my website.

As you can see Lightroom is very versatile. It is easy to use and it serves as the software I use for nearly all of my workflow. Creating web galleries and slideshows is a breeze. Rating photos and creating collections to use for creating books or printing specific photos is easy, too. You can sort photos by how they were flagged, ranked, or even by the metadata that was captured when the photo was made.

If you haven’t tried Lightroom yet give it a try. You can download a free 30-day trial to see just how versatile this software is to use. Check it out at:


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