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Website Visits

Posted in Website on May 29, 2009 by bobshank

A little over a year ago I created my photography website because I had taken some photos of the PVI musical that my daughter, Lydia, was in. I just wanted to post the photos to a web gallery so the students and their parents could view them. Little could have I realized where this would go after the first year!

In April, my website received over 1,000 visitors. I was very happy with the attention my website was attracting and I was still enjoying the entire photography process. Now this month my website has attracted over 2,000 visitors! I am both excited and humbled by this. Apparently, my photos are attracting a lot of attention and I have also been receiving many positive comments about them as well.

The number one referring URL to my website is the Lehigh Valley Baseball Academy. The second is Google. And the third is Facebook. I have been trying to get my photographs out in front of people in a variety of ways and this appears to be working.

Now that my website is starting to attract more attention, I am hoping that this blog will also start to attract more attention. I have committed to regular posts on my blog and I hope this is appreciated by people like you!

I am enjoying photography very much. Sports events, wildlife, musicals, portraits, weddings, and the beauty of nature here in the Poconos are among my most favorite subjects to photograph. I hope you enjoy my website and this blog.