The other day I mentioned that printing photographs is a good thing to do. It sure beats leaving digital photos in a hard drive never to be seen again.

So, what do you do once your photograph is printed?

There are several options. First, you could frame the print and hang it on a wall. Or you could take the prints and display them in an album. Prints are made to be seen. Hanging a print on a wall is a good way to keep it visible and in front of people’s eyes; even your own. When you are proud of a photograph doesn’t it make sense to keep it visible and have a constant reminder of your creative efforts?

I am currently assembling a proof album for a family. The album will display the photographs in an attractive way so the family can view the memories whenever they choose. The album will be a good way to re-live the memories that are on the printed photographs.

Assembling albums and framing photographs might seem like a laborious task sometimes, but the effort is definitely worth it. Give it a try yourself. Print some photographs and assemble them into an album. Or, frame some prints and hang them on a wall where they can be displayed for everyone to see. After all, photographs are meant to be seen!


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