When you think of others photographers in your area how do you think of them? Do you think of them as competitors who are dangerous to your business? Or, do you think of them as colleagues who you can share creative ideas with?

Too many of us lose sleep and plenty of wonderful opportunities by treating others as competitors and even enemies. We could learn a lot from each other if we just spent constructive time together sharing ideas and what works for us.

I’ve always believed that teamwork is far better than being a lone ranger. Together we can accomplish way more than any one of us could accomplish alone. The old saying was, “Two heads are better than one.” Do you believe this? Then why not get your head together with another photographer? Share what works and where you struggle. Find out what works for your colleague. Pool resources and share shipping costs on bulk orders.

We can learn a lot from each other and have fun along the way. I have a photography colleague who I learn a lot from. We share our ways of thinking, our struggles, and our successes with each other. This serves as a reminder that neither is alone in the process and that we can support each other along the way.

What do you think? Are you willing to be open and share ideas with your fellow photographers? Give it a try!


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