Being Creative

I was never a student who enjoyed art class. As a matter of fact, I dreaded art class. Don’t get me wrong, I understood the importance of being cultured, but for a boy growing up in the midst of farms country music was our idea of being cultured. I also actually enjoyed making the clay mug or whatever I called the object I formed with my own hands, but when it came to drawing or painting, my lack of creativity came out in glowing colors!

For a long time I thought I wasn’t creative. Then in college I took my first photography class and learned a whole new medium with which to be creative. Now, I thought, being creative might just be possible for me. I still struggled and our photo professor was brutal. Very few of our images were acceptable to him. At the time, I just chalked it up to my lack of creativity. But in hindsight, I believe it was more formative to me than I first realized.

Now I thoroughly enjoy being creative with my camera. This medium speaks to me and I attempt to use photography to speak to others. It is one avenue to being creative and I love it. Being creative is possible in any number of areas.

Are you being creative with your photography?


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