Good Photo Guidelines

Many of you may have heard a variety of photography rules over the years. Do not cut the photograph in half with the horizon line. Think about the rule of thirds and place your subject at one of these intersecting lines instead of dead in the center of the photograph. Move in closer to your subject. Ask yourself, “What is the main subject in this photo and why am I making this composition? Focus on the eye.

Do any of these basic guidelines sound familiar?

Some people prefer to be rebellious, color outside the lines, and break the rules. This can and is certainly done with photography guidelines, but understanding them first is an absolute essential. Well, at least in my humble opinion. There are many ways to learn about photography and be a good photographer, but learning the basic guidelines and fundamentals will provide a solid foundation for any aspiring photographer

Do you know the photo fundamentals? Are you willing to take a workshop to learn more. I lead a photo trip with my good friend, Dick McCreight, where we provide photographers excellent opportunities to photograph the Pennsylvania Elk. Throughout the 3-day photo trip, we experience many excellent teaching moments and have opportunities to teach and learn more about photography. These photo trips are a lot of fun for us photographers to be together and learn from each other. You can find more information about these photo trips here:

Check it out and sign up for one of our upcoming photo trips. You will learn some of the basic photography fundamentals and have a great time with some other photographers!


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