Favorite Camera

Do you have a favorite camera? Presumably a camera that fit great in your hands and was a pure joy to operate. In fact, it was a camera that felt so comfortable and worked so well that you hated to part company with it. Have you ever had such a camera?

Breaking in a new camera is like breaking in a new pair of running shoes. The old ones feel oh so good and the idea of breaking in those new stiff sneakers just sounds like a laborious endeavor. But don’t give up. This new camera you hold in yoru hands just might become you most favorite camera ever!

Learning where all the controls are located might take some time, but the effort pays off in the field when you can change those controls quickly without even looking.

Back in my rock climbing days, I heard an old adage that I will never forget. It goes something like this: “You will know how to tie a knot only when you can tie it in the dark and in a cold shower!” This might sound like extremism, but you get the point.

How well do you know your camera? Do you fumble around while looking for a control button? Or do you know exactly where the proper control is located without even thinking about it?

Learn to know your camera inside and out and it just might become your favorite camera!


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