It’s been raining a lot lately and when it’s not raining the sky is still cloudy. Not great days for getting out with the camera… Or is it?

Light is the most important component for photography. Without light there is no photograph. The literal definition of photography is “painting with light.” So light is a necessary ingredient for us, so what are we to do when the skies are cloudy and the sun isn’t shining?

Well, the clouds actually help us. That’s right. The clouds diffuse the light, making the light softer and more pleasing than a bright mid-day sun. Also, have you ever noticed how colors appear to be more vivid on cloudy days?

So the next time it is cloudy, grab your camera and enjoy that different light. You will be able to capture stunning photos even when the sun doesn’t shine!


One Response to “Light”

  1. I cannot but agree with you, overcast skies makes for great photography 🙂

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