What Gets Your Goat?

Today I was at a wedding venue just looking around. I saw several photographs hanging on the walls representing, I suppose, those photographers who have been at this venue before. Some of the photographs were stunning. There were a few traditional poses and even the frames were of matching colors. All in all it was a nice representation.

However, there was one photograph that got my goat. It was of a newly married couple in an archway. The only problem was the archway was not straight. The photo was just slightly off kilter. At first I thought maybe the photographer was being artistic in this approach, but the more I looked at this photograph the more it bugged me. Here was a photograph in a prominent location that looked quite amateurish–not good for the venue or for the photographer.

So what gets my goat? Well, off center and out of balance photographs for one. I also do not appreciate photographers trying to be cute. Sure, Photoshop is powerful software but I’ve seen it over done way too often. Keep it as natural as possible, at least in my humble opinion.

So, what gets your goat?


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