Keeping Track

Photographs, finances, and equipment all need to be kept in good order. Keeping track of these items is imperative. Digital images can be lost on computer hard drives and finances can go astray if you don’t keep track of them.

I like to use spread sheets for keeping track of all sorts of things. I even have a spread sheet to keep track of my favorite chocolate milk! Don’t believe me? Next time you see me with my laptop, just ask me and I will show it to you. But lately I have discovered the value of some other sofware programs to keep track of things. Adobe Lightroom 2 is a great programs for keeping track of my digital images. I can also crop, edit, and print my photos with this software, but it also does an excellent job of keeping track of and sorting digital images. You can even add photos to collections.

Financially I have used Quicken in the past, but I am now switching over to Quickbooks so I can track customers, vendors, inventory, and much more. There will be a learning curve to be sure, but I think it is well worth the struggle.

How do you keep track of things?


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