A Photojournalist Approach

Yesterday I photographed a reception for my cousin and his new bride. They were married in Mexico but since all the friends and family couldn’t get away for the big day, they had a reception so everyone could party with them closer to home. It was a great day, with loads of friends and family, good food and drinks, and games.

I had the enjoyable task of trying to capture some of the flavor of the day with my camera. It was fun to just blend into the background and snap a few photos of people in conversation and laughter. Kids and adults both had a wonderful time and the photos were relatively easy to capture.

I have not had a ton of experience with this photojournalistic approach, but it sure was enjoyable. I used my 70-200mm lens so I could keep a comfortable distance and try to capture special moments as they happened. One thing I learned was the importance of staying in a spot and being patient. Just looking around and observing people in conversation and some of their mannerisms was extremely valuable. I watched for a while and then could often anticipate where the action might take place.

This style of photography often times called photojournalism attempts to caputre the natural action as it happens. Yesterday I enjoyed stepping into the role of photojournalist. It was different and it was fun.

Do you do any photojournalism?


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