New Website Enhancements

My website has been an ongoing project and a labor of love for a little over a year now. It has gone through one major change so far, which is still being worked out to my liking. It takes a little time, but I do enjoy keeping up with my website and adding new features to it.

Just today I added some basic design features to make the pages look a little more consistent. I also added an index to the bottom of the main page so visitors can more easily find exactly what they’re looking for on my site. One dilemma I debate over is how much to include on the main page. I’d like to put everything in easy view without the visitor having to scroll down at all, but this just isn’t possible. To include everything I want and to make it easy for visitors to find everything, I need more real estate on the main page. So when you view my website scroll down a little to see what I’m talking about. Do you think this is this okay and obvious enough for visitors to navigate?

I also added a new page called “Client Login” where clients who I am working up an order for can view and proof their images. As I’ve said, I do enjoy working with my website. I try to keep it simple and easy to navigate while attempting to display and feature some of my photographs.

What do you think of my website?


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