High School Musical 2

Tonight I attended the dress rehearsal for High School Musical 2 at the Sherman Theater. It was awesome!

All the hard work and dedication of the actors and crew is going to pay off big time this weekend. If you have a chance to attend one of these performances, I strongly urge you to be there. You can order tickets online at the Sherman Theater’s home page.

Photographing a musical dress rehearsal is not easy and present a number of challenges. The lighting is great at spots and lousy elsewhere, at least for photography. I finally settled in on using manual mode and shot in RAW. I will be going through these photos tomorrow and hope to have them posted on my website in another day or two.

I just hope my photos are half as good as the performance by the actors. This is one awesome production!


One Response to “High School Musical 2”

  1. Do you have any photos up yet? My girlfriend Mary and I built the set. Unfortunately we lost our photos and would like to get as many as possible. Thanks, Keith

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