Time to Get Organized

Is your office clean or messy? How about your desk?

Are your flash cards empty and ready to be filled or do you have images on them and wonder if you uploaded them to your pc or not?

I have several projects in the wings. Life is busy, but good busy. I am slowly learning how to keep track of projects to see them through. This is helpful in my professional life but also my life here at home, too. Write it down! This is the strong suggestion of David Allen of “Getting Things Done.” He says that we should write things down to clear our mind to stop worrying about everything and be open to creativity.

Sometimes my mind is going 100 miles per hour, worrying about this project and that detail and this phone all I have to return. When we write things down we can allow our mind to stop trying to remember all these details and be open to more creative purposes.

Of course, the trick is to have a system where you regularly re-visit the places where you wrote things down. It does no good to write something down but then forget where you put that piece of paper.

I am learning how to use Outlook and spreadsheets to help store these important pieces of information. Admittedly, I am still learning how to make this work but I am committed to seeing it through so I can be more efficient and keep projects on track.

What about you? Are you seeing projects through to completion or is your mind filled all kinds of details, tasks, and dates not to forget? Stop it! Clear your mind by writing these details down somewhere. And then re-visit the places you parked that information so you can keep on track.

It’s time to get organized!


One Response to “Time to Get Organized”

  1. I recently read an article about Google Calendar and was inspired at the possibilities for efficiency with the use of this App. I’ll did up the article if you are interested in seeing it. I see Google now has Task Lists too. Mostly, though, I use an old skool notebook to track thoughts and ideas for blogging, etc, as these are the things that seem most fleeting and difficult to bring back later.

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