Photo Walk a Resounding Success

A big “Thank you” to everyone who participated in tonight’s photo walk. We had beautiful weather, got to take some amazing photographs, and met some really cool fellow photographers. By all counts, everyone had a very enjoyable evening.

Participants started gathering around 5:30 pm in anticipation of the big event and the crowd slowly started to build. Route descriptions and maps were handed out and then we took a group photograph. And with that the photo walk started!

I enjoyed seeing photographers use their creativity in framing shots along the way and I definitely enjoyed the many conversations, too. It was refreshing to witness the camaraderie among the group and I saw a lot of smiling faces. I even followed the eyes or lenses of some photographers to subjects I may have never seen on my own. I also learned and re-learned some photo tips. It was refreshing!

Right at 8 o’clock we began to gather at Dansbury Depot and many of the walkers joined us for a bite to eat or just enjoy the ongoing conversation. It was a great group and I enjoyed talking with each and every participant. It was great!

I want to thank each one of you for participating in tonight’s Photo Walk. I thoroughly enjoyed being your leader and I am very much looking forward to our next Photo Walk!


One Response to “Photo Walk a Resounding Success”

  1. Thank YOU, Bob, for bringing us the event. This was my first time participating in something like this and it was a lot of fun! The company was extremely enjoyable 🙂

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