Field Work and Home Work

Most of us prefer to be out in the field with our camera taking photographs. We enjoy the creative side of our craft. And so, we would sooner be out and about taking photos than behind a computer doing the post-processing.

However, without this computer work at home, we would never be able to share our photographs with others. The post-processing is just as important as capturing the photos, even if it is not quite so glamorous.

There are plenty of tools to help ease our pain and even make this part of the process go faster. And once we get our work flow down, it goes pretty quickly. So time spent trying to master this process is well worth the effort and time.

The next time you find yourself complaining about too much time behind the computer, try to find some ways to expedite the process. Think of new ways of doing the routine tasks. With some creativity you can speed up this process and get behind the viewfinder sooner rather than later.

I have to get going now because I have some more home work to do before my photo shoot tomorrow afternoon!


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