What I Like about Photography

For today’s blog post, I decided to do something a little different. I am going to present a list of some of the reasons why I like photography. Are you ready? Here goes:

  • The challenge of capturing a beautiful scene with the camera
  • Photography can be a solitary experience
  • Photography can be a group experience
  • Learning to see the light
  • Experimenting with “painting with light”
  • Capturing the action in a sporting event
  • Capturing a facial expression that is priceless
  • Shooting digitally–without the mess of darkroom chemicals
  • Shooting with film–smelling the developer and fixer in the darkroom & watching a photo appear on paper
  • Being out in the golden light–early in the morning and at dusk
  • Sorting through photographs to find the keepers
  • Framing a print to display on a wall
  • Posting a gallery on my web page
  • Getting a photo right in tricky lighting
  • Learning to use flash
  • Finding different perspectives and angles to shoot a subject
  • Working/talking with a person in a portrait session
  • Getting to meet new people
  • Learning how to use new technology
  • Playing with new photography equipment
  • Adding a lens to my repertoire
  • Saving for that dream lens
  • Sharing photos with others who appreciate them
  • Trying to get better photos

What did I miss? What is on your list? What do you like about photography?


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