Mother and Calf Together

After watching and observing this cow and calf for quite some time, we watched as they walked off into the sunset, literally. Both had eaten a lot of grass and put up with numerous elk observers as they did. Granted these elk were grazing in the most populated area of Benezette Township, but eating in peace was just not possible. Still they ate because this is what elk need to do, especially before winter arrives and finding food becomes much more difficult.

These two elk, cow and calf, provided a beautiful sight to see. After all, who can resist the beauty of a little calf that looks so cute? Mom kept eating, checking for danger, and keeping an eye on her little one making sure she didn’t wander off on her own. For a while this was rather easy because her baby was tired and laid down on the ground to rest as I mentioned yesterday.

These two beautiful elk have had enough grazing and are off to greener pastures. Where will we next see them?20090819-157


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