The Right Tools

I like tools. Ever since I was a kid watching my dad working with his tools I thought they were cool. Way cool! I like hand tools, and power tools; plumber’s tools and electrician’s tools. Oh, and by the way, I don’t believe one can ever have too many tools.

In photography “tools” can be taken in several ways. Tools can refer to those instruments used to fix or repair photography equipment in the field. For example, I always have a set of jewelers screwdrivers in my photo bag.

However, I often think of tools in photography in regards to using the right lens for the job. Are you photographing a wild animal or bird? Then you better have a telephoto lens on your camera. Are you photographing a flower? Then a macro lens can come in handy. See what I mean? Having the right tool for the job is essential in photography. And the photographer needs to have the right tools close at hand to adequately photograph the subject. Oh yeah, and the same rule applies: a photographer can have too many lenses, right?

Do you have the right tools in your photo bag?


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