Batteries Charged?

I have a  photo assignment tomorrow and I just remembered that I need to charge my batteries before the big event tomorrow. There is nothing worse than packing for a photo trip and realizing that the batteries need to be charged.

My protocol calls for charging to be done the night before a photo outing. I also purchased an inverter for my truck so I can charge my batteries when I am away from home or out away from electricity for extended periods of time. I always pack my charger and its power cord in my photography bag because I never know when I might need it.

Today’s tip is short and simple–charge your batteries so they are ready when you need them!


2 Responses to “Batteries Charged?”

  1. That’s a good tip Bob. Two others I must bear in mind are not to forget my charger, card reader , and video tapes as I pack and leave tomorrow for the big shoot of the elk rut. Hope to see you there at some point!

  2. Thanks for adding some good tips here. We leave on Tuesday morning for the elk range and I hope we see you sometime this week. The rut should be in full swing!

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