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More Rain but Some Constructive Photo Learning Nevertheless

Posted in Photo Book, Photography with tags , , on October 31, 2009 by bobshank

It is raining in the Poconos once again. Rain, rain, go away!

But instead of letting it get me down this time I started reading a good photo book, made a plan to backup all my photographs, and started fixing a desktop computer to connect to my network.

The book is Scott Kelby’s, “The Digital Photography Book, Volume 3” and I cannot say enough about this book. Let me, however, say this, “I already ordered Volumes 1 & 2 and I’ve only had Volume 3 for one day.” Buy this book if you want to get some creative ideas for your photography. It is well worth the price and time to read this incredible book.

My backup plan started with a few paragraphs of Scott’s book, which referred me to an article on his blog. The backup scheme he uses is solid and I decided to adapt slightly a few of his ideas and use them for my backup procedure. I will follow his advice of making sure I have two copies of each photograph before reformatting a flash card, In my case I will use my laptop for one copy and a portable hard drive for the second copy. The OWC portable drives caught my eye and I plan on purchasing one soon and another one in the near future. They are smaller than the external drives I have been using up to now. I also plan on breaking down and buying a Drobo. I first heard about this little robot on “This Week in Photography.” The redundant backup scheme of this little guy far exceeds the RAID option. I will have to save a few pennies first, but since I recently acquired the 24-70mm zoom lens, I figure it is okay to spend a little dough to protect my photographs.

The desktop computer is one that I haven’t used in a while, but I want to utilize a good laser printer that I acquired and connecting this desktop to my network should allow me to do just that. I have to work around one minor monitor issue, but after that I should be up and running.

It is raining, but I’m still thinking a lot about photography nevertheless!


What To Do on Rainy Days

Posted in Photography with tags , on October 27, 2009 by bobshank

Well, it’s another rainy day here in the Poconos. So what is a photographer to do on such a rainy, miserable day?

Here is a list of things I can think to do photographically on rainy days:

  1. Catch up on keywording photographs.
  2. Sort and organize photos
  3. Create a list of subjects and places you would like to photograph
  4. Backup photos
  5. Clean your photo gear
  6. Shop on the internet or add to your wish list
  7. View other photographer’s websites for inspiration
  8. Check out some new photo blogs
  9. Read some good photography books
  10. Dream about photography


First Impressions

Posted in Equipment, Zoom Lens with tags on October 25, 2009 by bobshank

What do you think about first impressions?

Are you the kind of person who believes strongly in first impressions? Can you truly judge a book by its cover much of the time?

Well, my first impressions of the Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens is full of praises. It is a beefy lens, which I like. Some say it is to big or too heavy and I’m think, “What? Are you crazy?” Far too many modern products are too flimsy and will not stand up to much that is thrown at it. Not the case with this lens!

The auto focus is quick and responsive and the AF-S adjustment allows the photographer to dial in a quick fix adjustment on the focus by hand. The range is nice, too–24mm to 70mm, which is the perfect range under my 70-200mm f/2.8. I can see this lens being great for portraits, landscapes, and indoor photography. 24mm is not all that wide on the digital cropped body, but it is better than what I had before so I am happy.

I still haven’t taken all that many photos with this lens, so I am not posting any samples yet. But I can tell you that my first impressions of this lens are, well, impressive! This may sound redundant and perhaps predictable, but I extremely happy with this purchase and I believe I will get a lot of use from this lens. The photos I have taken are crisp, sharp, and full of amazing color. My first impressions give this lens an A+ so far. Of course, seeing is believing so I hope to share a few photos from this amazing lens soon.

Rain, Rain…

Posted in Photography with tags , on October 24, 2009 by bobshank

With all the heavy rain we’ve been having I haven’t been able to put my new standard zoom lens through many paces. I was hoping to have some photos posted by now, but this just didn’t happen. It’s been raining so hard that I got to use one of my favorite sayings, “It’s raining as hard as a cow peeing on a flat rock!”

The rainy weather has put a halt to many outdoor activities: my son’s baseball tournament and the ALCS baseball game between the Angels and Yankees just to name a few. I know we need rain, but it sure puts a damper on outdoor photography. Sometimes I tough it out and go out in the rain anyway, but this weekend the rain was often very heavy. So I chose to stay inside, stay dry, and watch some college football.

My new lens will get to be used soon enough I suppose but I am impatient. Rain, rain, go away!

My Apologies

Posted in Equipment with tags , on October 22, 2009 by bobshank

The National League Championship Baseball Series has had me preoccupied for the past week, so I have not posted as many blogs as usual. Those late night games had me distracted. I recall when the Phillies won the 1980 World Series and I am pulling for them again this year!

My new 24-70mm f/2.8 ED AF-S lens arrived and I have used it just a couple of times so far. But let me tell you, it seems to me already that the hype over this lens is well deserved. I am impressed!

I have come to enjoy the fast Nikon glass and this lens is in this category. The f/2.8 aperture throughout the entire zoom range is a feature that will help in those low-light situations. I took a few outdoor and indoor photos with a flash. Each one was crystal clear and the colors were brilliant.

Tomorrow I hope to post a few photos taken with this amazing lens. After the Yankees are playing and do not care to watch them play!

New Lens on the Way

Posted in Equipment, Photography, Zoom Lens with tags , on October 19, 2009 by bobshank

Late last night I ordered a Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. This lens has been on back-order for quite a while and no one seemed to have any on hand. This allowed me to continue saving my pennies to have enough to purchase this lens. I also used the B&H Photo website feature to have them notify me when this lens was available.

Well, last night I received just such a message and I promptly placed my order. I am looking forward to receiving this much acclaimed lens. It is in the standard zoom range and has received many praises from amateur to pro photographers.

I will use it primarily for portraits, team photos, and some landscape shots. Since I shot sports and wildlife the zoom lens will still be attached to my camera body much of the time, but this new lens should give me some very good quality photographs for the closer subjects.

It is always exciting to receive a new piece of equipment. I am trying to wait patiently and will share a few photos and a personal review once I receive shipment of this lens and am able to take it through a few paces.

What piece of photo equipment is on your next to obtain list?

Baseball Photos

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I believe photographs should tell a story. These three baseball photographs were captured during a game on the last weekend in September. I believe each one tells a little story inside the full story of the game.

Action photography is a great challenge that I thoroughly enjoy. I like to capture the ball in the frame which is not easy to do, but it sure helps to tell the story better.

What stories do your photographs tell?