Uploading Photos to Your Hard Drive

How do you upload photos taken with your camera to your computer?

Many cameras come with a cord that connects your camera to your computer, so many photographers use this option. Connecting your camera directly to your computer or laptop is certainly one option to transfer the photos, but this is an agonizingly slow process. This type of connection is simply going to take some time.

But there is a better and faster way. Remove your flash card from your camera and put it into a card reader, then connect it to your computer. This might not sound all that different but believe me it will be faster. This might not be so important when you are transferring 25 photographs, but it surely does when you are transferring 500 or more!

Years ago we stored our photographic prints in albums or worse yet, shoe boxes. Now our photos reside on hard drives rarely seeing the light of day. This will prevent our photos from fading but will also prevent anyone from seeing these great photos, too. Once your photos are on your hard drive, try to make sure you have a plan for them. Create a slide show, put them on a cd or dvd, or print them out. Photographs were meant to be seen so make sure that people get to see your photos!


One Response to “Uploading Photos to Your Hard Drive”

  1. My husband would appreciate this website. We were not too long ago talking about this. hehe

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