Laptops & Desktops

I’ve been using a laptop for a very long time now. Its portability and compact profile make it perfect for me to carry back and forth from the office to home. I can travel with it, check my email just about anywhere with its wireless connection, and I can even sit out on the back deck and surf the web!

Yep, I like laptops. So much so that I never imagined I would ever want to own a desktop again.

Well this is all beginning to change. You see, I am not very faithful at backing up my data and this is troublesome. I have been fortunate in the past to never have a hard drive fail. Well, correction, I had a 20mb hard drive fail on my very first IBM PS2 desktop, but back then my files were saved onto 3.5″ floppy drives. We’ve come a long way from those days!

With all the photographs that I have been capturing over the years, much hard drive space is required. One problem I’ve encountered with the laptop is that my external drives sometimes change their drive assignments. For example, sometimes one is drive g: but then sometime later becomes drive h: I also have to keep disconnecting the external hard drives from my laptop every time I want to take the laptop with me.

Enter the desktop solution. Tonight I reassembled a desktop. My initial goal was attach a LaserJet print to this desktop so I could print from it on my network. But then I got to thinking, “Hey, this could make a pretty handy backup scheme if I attach my external hard drives.

Eventually I want to get a Drobo for my backups and I can simply attach this to the desktop.

My laptop is not being replaced and I will use it for my email and much of my day-to-day work, but I am beginning to see that having a desktop on my desk will be a very nice addition to my work flow. I am a little slow, but now I have some work to do to get this thing fully functional on my network!


One Response to “Laptops & Desktops”

  1. Hi Bob,

    I keep a laptop for when I travel and for most of my internet work. Actually at present my laptop is more powerful than the desktop that I use for Photoshop, so I am using the laptop to run CS4 and process files from the 7d. I hope to get a new desktop soon.

    Ideally I like to have the laptop for internet, traveling, and general purpose office type work, a desktop dedicated primarily to photoshop, and another desktop designed for video editing.

    It is a never ending money pit, but I would not want to do without these tools.

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