Handling Flash Cards

I have a Nikon D300 camera so I use compact flash cards. I have CF cards in the following sizes: 8GB, 4GB, & 3 1GB. I keep each card in its individual case until the one in use is full and then I switch them. The problem is twofold. First, it takes time to take a fresh CF card out of its plastic holder and then swap it with the current one. Second, once cards are filled it can be confusing to which ones are still empty. I do try to keep the empty cards in my right pants pocket and the filled cards in my left pocket. Only once have I ever inadvertently formatted a card that full of photos. It hurt to lose these photos and prompted me to seek a better procedure in handling flash cards.

So what do you do? How do you handle your flash cards? Could you please explain the process you use? I’ve been thinking that a case to hold all of my cards could be helpful, but what do you do when handling flash cards?


2 Responses to “Handling Flash Cards”

  1. Bob, I did that in the past but for years now I use a Lowepro card wallet. I carry 32 gig for the D300 and 32 gigs for the D90. The cards when not in use are kept in the wallet face up. When I notice I am getting low on the present card in the camera I get one out and hold it between my fingers for a quick change. After changing cards I put the spent back in the wallet with the backside facing out to signify the card is filled. This has worked well for me and I have never messed up a used card.

    I have the work flow set up for speed as you know when photography wildlife they will give you no do overs. I also need the speed for photographing fires to capturing whatever action is occuring.

  2. Thanks, Brad! I appreciate you sharing this tip. I tend to think that many of us get into routine habits and are set in our ways, so learning new ways to do things is always good. Thank you!

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