Pushing the Envelope

How do you rate your camera and photographic experience? Are you one who believes that you know pretty much all there is to know about exposure, composition, and all things photography? Or are you one who admits he doesn’t know it all?

Too many people in many lines of life are content–too content. They get the job done in a predictable and even reliable manner. However, there is never room for creativity or something new in how they perform a task. It’s the same old thing day after day after day.

I hope this does not describe your photography endeavors

I actually enjoy learning new things all the time and the photographic world these days is more than ripe for learning new things all the time! To get better we have to try new things. Push the envelope a little and you will not only see if something new will work but you will also learn something new. I believe this principle is true in most of life.

So, do you know everything about lighting a subject? Do you know enough about your favorite subjects to photograph? Are you proficient in your workflow and post processing software? Well then, push the envelope!


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