My Drobo & Organizing Photographs

My new desktop computer is up and running with my Drobo attached and running properly to store and backup my photographs. My first step in the process is to back up my photographs by copying them from two external drives to the Drobo. This would not be a hard task if I had adequately managed my photos in the first place. Different folder-naming schemes was the main problem and this is taking time to resolve.

I now see the advantage of sticking to one naming convention!

How do you organize your photographs? What folder naming scheme do you put into practice? Can you find photos from a specific shoot just by the way your folders are organized?

These questions and more are important to answer. I am forced to answer them now and find specific ways to maintain my consistency in naming my folders because I want things well-organized on my Drobo. It will take some more time, but in the end I believe the effort will be well worth it. And next time this should all be much easier!


3 Responses to “My Drobo & Organizing Photographs”

  1. I label my folders by eventdate_eventname

  2. I have been doing the same thing–labeling folders by event date and event name. Do you think it would make more sense to put the event name first?

    • Not really, because then you’re sorting by alphabet, not time. I find that I can pinpoint an event better chronologically. If I don’t know the exact date, I can narrow it down by year and month, and if I can’t even remember that, there’s always the search feature.

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