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Blackberry Phone

Posted in Blackberry, Camera, Photography with tags , on April 9, 2010 by bobshank

Well, it was time to upgrade my cell phone and I bit the bullet and got a Blackberry. Overall, I am very pleased with it. It replaced both my old cell phone and PDA into one very nice small tool. There is a learning curve, but I am doing fine and I do like electronic toys!

The camera is boasts 3.2 megapixels. This surprised me because the very first digital camera I used was exactly 3.0 mp. However, I don’t think I will use the Blackberry camera very often. Having the Nikon D300 has spoiled me big time. I guess it will be nice to have a camera with me all the time but I would sooner have the Nikon camera to take any serious photography.

Do any of you photographers use a cell phone camera? If so, when do you find yourself using it?


Using a Monopod

Posted in Monopod, Photography with tags , on April 8, 2010 by bobshank

Most photographers know the importance of using a tripod to steady their camera on a photo shoot. And many photographers have also heard about or have even seen monopods, but I wonder how many photographers actually use them?

I find a monopod to be especially useful for sporting events like baseball or football. The monopod steadies the camera and with two feet you can create a tripod of sorts. I like to kneel when shooting sports to get lower angles, so using my knees and the monopod creates my self-made tripod. It works well.

I like the monopod beacasue I can easily swing my camera into several positions just by turning it over the monopod–it’s like a swivel. I can easily focus on the batter at the plate but then swing the camera to catch the base runner trying to steal second base.

If you haven’t tried a monpod yet, I encourage you to do so. It is lighter than a tripod but works very well in some specific situations.

Learning Photography from Other Disciplines

Posted in Photography with tags , on April 6, 2010 by bobshank

Yesterday I mentioned that we can learn more about photography from lots of places. One of these places is from other disciplines such as videography. Take for example the movies. Tonight I watched part of an old black and white movie entitled, “One Foot in Heaven.” The movie is about a Methodist pastor and his family who moved several times to different churches in his ministry. The storyline was intriguing to me, but I also enjoyed the images and how the video cameras helped to tell the story.

Watch an old movie sometime and see if you can get some ideas for composition in your own photography. We can learn from other disciplines and it can be fun!

Getting Better

Posted in Camera, Photography with tags , on April 5, 2010 by bobshank

Are you completely satisfied with the photographs coming out of your camera on every shoot? If you are, then don’t read this blog entry.

Some of us photographers are very good at composition, knowing our camera inside and out, and are even completely knowledgeable about the main subject we shoot. But what about the changing lighting conditions? Or what about when shadows appear unexpectedly? And what happens when you shoot a subject that you don’t know a lot about?

It seems to me that all of us can learn something more about getting better in photography. There is just so much to learn.

So, where do we start? The internet certainly has a lot of information available to us and we should utilize it. But learning from other photographers is probably hands down, the best way we can learn. Attending a workshop or signing up for an in-the-field seminar is highly recommended and will yield great results.

There are plenty of other ways for us to learn how to get better in our photography–reading books, subscribing to magazines, reviewing your own photos, etc.

But in the end, the only way to get better is to admit you don’t know it all and have a strong desire to want to get better!

Don’t Wait – Reformat that flash card now!

Posted in Backups, Photo Tips, Photography, Planning, Preparation with tags , , on April 1, 2010 by bobshank

I am a procrastinator and this gets me into trouble in a variety of ways. And as a photographer it does not pay to be a procrastinator.

Take, for example, the simple task of uploading photos from a flash card to a computer. This is a simple step and only takes a few minutes, so why wait to do it? As soon as you get back from a photo shoot it makes sense to start this process. Then, once the photos have been transferred and backed up, reformat that flash card. Don’t wait!

Here’s the danger. Let’s suppose that you have an unexpected photo opportunity early one morning that came from out of the blue. You didn’t know it was coming and your flash cards are full. Did you back up the photos on these cards? Is it okay to reformat these cards or are there important photographs on them that need to be transferred? See the problem? If you had just transferred the photos right after the last shoot and reformatted the cards you wouldn’t be facing this annoying dilemma.

So don’t wait. Process your photos, back them up, and reformat your flash cards as soon as possible. One day you’ll be glad you did!