Getting Better

Are you completely satisfied with the photographs coming out of your camera on every shoot? If you are, then don’t read this blog entry.

Some of us photographers are very good at composition, knowing our camera inside and out, and are even completely knowledgeable about the main subject we shoot. But what about the changing lighting conditions? Or what about when shadows appear unexpectedly? And what happens when you shoot a subject that you don’t know a lot about?

It seems to me that all of us can learn something more about getting better in photography. There is just so much to learn.

So, where do we start? The internet certainly has a lot of information available to us and we should utilize it. But learning from other photographers is probably hands down, the best way we can learn. Attending a workshop or signing up for an in-the-field seminar is highly recommended and will yield great results.

There are plenty of other ways for us to learn how to get better in our photography–reading books, subscribing to magazines, reviewing your own photos, etc.

But in the end, the only way to get better is to admit you don’t know it all and have a strong desire to want to get better!


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