Using a Monopod

Most photographers know the importance of using a tripod to steady their camera on a photo shoot. And many photographers have also heard about or have even seen monopods, but I wonder how many photographers actually use them?

I find a monopod to be especially useful for sporting events like baseball or football. The monopod steadies the camera and with two feet you can create a tripod of sorts. I like to kneel when shooting sports to get lower angles, so using my knees and the monopod creates my self-made tripod. It works well.

I like the monopod beacasue I can easily swing my camera into several positions just by turning it over the monopod–it’s like a swivel. I can easily focus on the batter at the plate but then swing the camera to catch the base runner trying to steal second base.

If you haven’t tried a monpod yet, I encourage you to do so. It is lighter than a tripod but works very well in some specific situations.


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