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Photograph the Action

Posted in Action Photography, Baseball, Sports Photography on July 30, 2010 by bobshank

You’ve heard me say before that I love photographing baseball games. Well, today I photographed two games and the action was unbelievable!

The first game went back and forth as both teams battled it out on the field. There were several good defensive plays, some good hitting, and lots of action on the base paths. This is a sports photography dream come true! Hitting, running, sliding, tagging–these games had it all!

I enjoy the challenge of photographing the action. This is no easy task. Just when you think you’ve got your camera pointed in the right direction at exactly the correct time, something else can happen. The focus can be off just a touch or another player can run into the frame. Capturing the action requires paying close attention to the game. Do you know how many strikes there are right now? Where might the next action take place? Some luck is always helpful, too.

Here are six photos from the games I photographed today. I did not have a high batting average of great shots today, but these aren’t bad are they?


Black Bear

Posted in Black Bear, Pennsylvania Game Commission, Photography, Wildlife Photography on July 29, 2010 by bobshank

Last week I was able to see and photograph a black bear!

You can view some of these photographs here.

It was great fun watching this young bear take bags from the dumpster, carry them to his stash, and rummage through them. It was fun to watch! I cannot remember a time when I was able to be this close to a black bear with my camera in hand. I made sure to follow wildlife protocol not to get too close and my past years of outdoor experience came in handy in this situation. The bear was not all that big but it was a thrill nevertheless.

As you can see, this bear has two ear tags that I assume were attached by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. I hope this bear does not become a nuisance, and more importantly, I hope some well-meaning but misinformed humans do not get this bear in trouble. Watching, observing, and photographing are certainly acceptable; but don’t get too close or try to pet wildlife!

I hope you enjoy viewing these photos.

“R” is for R-Strap

Posted in Camera Strap, Equipment, Monopod, R-Strap, Sports Photography on July 28, 2010 by bobshank

Do you ever carry two cameras on a shoot? If you do then you know the trouble that comes with this territory. Two cameras on their original camera straps are prone to clank into each other and weigh your neck down. It is uncomfortable to say the least, is not good for your camera bodies or lenses, and just is not an efficient way to work.

I shoot a lot of baseball games and like to have two camera bodies on me. My main camera, the Nikon D300, sports the 70-200mm f/2.8 lens and is mounted on a monopod. The second camera is my older Nikon D-70 with the 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. I really like this combination but carrying the second camera on its regular strap was becoming nothing short of a pain in the neck!

I heard about the R-Strap and decided to give it a try since I also had a wedding coming up. I tried it and I love it!

You can read my review of the R-Strap that I posted on my website. If  you ever carry two camera bodies you really should consider using the R-Strap.

Go Ahead, Print Some Photos

Posted in Computer, Digital Photography, Drobo, Photography, Prints on July 27, 2010 by bobshank

Digital photography is great. No more waiting for turn around time with developers or messy chemicals to play with. And you can see what you shot right away on your LCD screen. Shoot away–the only limitation is how many gigabytes of memory available. Another positive difference is that you no longer have to go through shoebox after shoebox to find the photo you are looking for. Yep, digital photography rocks!

And yet, there is still something about a print. No matter its size, a print is something special, something tangible, something unique. When you hold a print in your hands you hold a memory, a moment frozen in time forever. There it is right in front of your eyes. You see it but you still can hardly believe it. Precious time frozen in beauty. Touch it, hold it, stare at it. And if you are the photographer who created this photo that’s even better!

Sadly, far too many prints are in laptops, computers, external hard drives, and Drobos never able to see the light of day. They are stored digitally and even viewed digitally. It is like they are doomed to a digital existence for all of eternity.

No! Even digital photos deserve to be printed. So go ahead, print some of your photos. Hold them in your hands, touch them, stare at them. And then you will realize that there is something mighty precious about a photograph!

Worldwide Photo Walk a Huge Success in East Stroudsburg!

Posted in Photo Walk, Photography, Spot Metering on July 26, 2010 by bobshank

We had a great time on the Photo Walk in East Stroudsburg on Saturday evening!

Yes, it was hot and very humid, but being in the company of fellow photographers left us enjoying the experience rather than the hot weather. It was a great time to take some neat photos, be creative, and discuss photography with each other. I learned a little more about spot metering and really enjoyed being with others who have a passion for photography. It is so cool to hear and see what others are doing. We walked the same route but we did not see the exact same things!

You can view some of our photographs on Flickr.

I knew that spot metering was helpful when a subject is against a light or dark background. But on the Photo Walk I also learned that it can come in very handy as the sun is going down, too. A lot of detail gets washed away because of the contrasting light. Spot metering on the subject, in my case a statue, was just the ticket to retain the detail I was looking for in my subject.

We also discussed doing another photo walk this fall in Jim Thorpe. You can email me for more information about this additional photo walk.

I hope you enjoy seeing the photos from our Photo Walk and I hope you can join us next time!

Worldwide Photo Walk Tonight in East Stroudsburg

Posted in Photo Walk, Photography on July 24, 2010 by bobshank

There is still room for tonight’s Worldwide Photo Walk so feel free to bring a friend and join in the fun. We will meet at Dansbury Park, near the Pavilion. We will photograph some of the scenes in the park and down by the water then walk through part of East Stroudsburg to East Stroudsburg University. We meet just before 6pm and the walk will be two hours in length. Afterward, you will have the option of meeting at Tony’s Pizzeria in East Stroudsburg where we can compare photos on our LCD screens and talk about our experience.

Come join in the fun!

What to Look for in a Wedding Photographer

Posted in Preparation, Wedding Photography, Weddings on July 14, 2010 by bobshank

I just posted an article on my website that attempts to answer this question. Many details have to be worked out prior to your wedding day and choosing a photographer is one of these important details that cannot be left to chance. Knowing what you are looking for and asking the right questions can make this selection easier.

In the article I address critical issues that you should know before selecting a wedding photographer. This is way more important than many people realize and paying attention to these details will go a long way in your satisfaction of your wedding photographs.

Read the article, share with your friends who may be looking for a wedding photographer, and let me know what you think.