Photograph the Action

You’ve heard me say before that I love photographing baseball games. Well, today I photographed two games and the action was unbelievable!

The first game went back and forth as both teams battled it out on the field. There were several good defensive plays, some good hitting, and lots of action on the base paths. This is a sports photography dream come true! Hitting, running, sliding, tagging–these games had it all!

I enjoy the challenge of photographing the action. This is no easy task. Just when you think you’ve got your camera pointed in the right direction at exactly the correct time, something else can happen. The focus can be off just a touch or another player can run into the frame. Capturing the action requires paying close attention to the game. Do you know how many strikes there are right now? Where might the next action take place? Some luck is always helpful, too.

Here are six photos from the games I photographed today. I did not have a high batting average of great shots today, but these aren’t bad are they?


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