Elk Creek Crossing

Do you have a photograph you dream of capturing?

If you do, then you can identify with my feelings of anticipation, disappointment, and eventual success. I wanted desperately to capture a photograph of an elk crossing a body of moving water, preferably a bull crossing a creek. I came very close to accomplishing my photographic goal two years ago, but  it just didn’t work out for me that day. Never give up is one of my mottos, so I was determined to keep trying. Besides, I was getting some incredible photographs of the elk in other poses.

Everything came together for me on Tuesday, September 28th. I saw a bull cross the Route 555 toward the creek. I thought to myself, “he might actually cross the creek.” I waited, and watched, and waited some more. But all this bull did was eat acorns! He must have been hungry because after he ate a whole bunch of acorns, he lay down only to get up some time later to continue eating acorns!

I eventually felt I had photographed this bull enough and traveled upstream to meet my photo buddies. They were onto some cows and a nice bull. I decided to set up near the creek even though they thought the action was over. It wasn’t long until we saw some movement and the cows starting to move toward and then into the creek. One by one they carefully crossed the creek while we clicked away. It was so exciting to see my dream shots coming true but I silently worried that somehow I had missed the shots, had some camera settings wrong, or didn’t have my focus set right. I had to wait to see my photos later to be sure I got these water-crossing shots. Here are just a couple.


One Response to “Elk Creek Crossing”

  1. Great capture Bob, I seen Dick’s on his site also. I have them doing this in Montana made someday here in Pa.

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