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Another Baseball Season is about to Begin!

Posted in Baseball, Pleasant Valley, Sports Photography, Wildlife Photography on March 15, 2011 by bobshank

Today I was back behind the viewfinder to take headshots of the local high school baseball team. My son, who is now a freshman, made the JV team. Last year the varsity team won their District Championship!

I’ve been photographing the action in their games for the past two years and year three looks to be another exciting year on the diamond. I coached baseball at the little league level for nine years and while I do miss the coaching, I get many thrills trying to capture the excitement with my camera!

I find that sports photography and wildlife photography have a lot in common. We can spend a lot of time just waiting for the perfect photo op to arise and then it is fast and furious. Then suddenly, as quickly as it came, it is all over. You’ve got to be ready in a moment’s notice or you will miss the action!

The first scrimmage is on Friday afternoon, so I have some things to get ready. I also wonder when I will next be able to carve out some time to photograph the majestic elk of Pennsylvania. Time just goes by too quickly and we all get too busy too often! I am sure the bulls are probably starting to drop their antlers by now.

In the meantime, it’s “Batter Up!” for me.