Best of May Photograph

Baseball has not only been on my mind for the past three months, but in front of my camera, too!

I confess to being a baseball junkie and, fortunately, I am able to fill my cravings by putting many baseball games at the good side of my telephoto lens. I am blessed to be able to photograph our local high school baseball games. Capturing the action of the season is one of my favorite springtime past times! This is not always as easy as it might sound. Rain delays, rescheduled games, and other obstacles got in the way this season. It sure was a cold and rainy spring in northeast Pennsylvania this year! By the end of the season I obtain enough quality photographs to share with the team at their banquet. It is always fun for the players to see their year-in-review, and it is fun for me to have the opportunity to share some of my photographic skills.

Here is a shot I captured at the Mountain Valley Conference Championship Game. It is one of my favorite shots of the season because it shows the action and intensity of these two opposing players. This photo accomplishes several of my sports photography goals:

  1. Capture exciting on-field action during a competitive game
  2. Show the players making a quality play on the field
  3. Be sharp-focused on the subject
  4. Tell some of the story of this particular game
  5. Freeze the exciting action for posterity

Take a look at this photo and see if you agree that this photo accomplishes most of these goals.


2 Responses to “Best of May Photograph”

  1. It is good to see you posting again, Bob. I agree that this photo met your goals, excellent work!

  2. Thanks, Willard. It is good to be back in the Photo Blog saddle again. Please keep in touch!

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