Hurricane Irene – Stroudsburg, PA 2011

Hurricane Irene tore up the east coast this weekend. While it was not nearly as violent a storm as was predicted, it did cause some damage. Power was out much of the day for many in Stroudsburg and the region caused by downed trees, and moderate flooding was prevalent throughout the area. I got my real first taste of photographing the damage caused by a hurricane and it was thrilling to record the action with my camera. The reaction of the people was fascinating and capturing the damage caused by this storm was by far the most thrilling. The wind blew hard at times, nearly taking my baseball cap with it! Rain occasionally fell, but the brunt of the storm had passed by the time I was out with my camera.

I took a lot of photographs of Hurricane Irene, but here are a few of my favorites. As you browse through this collection of photos you will first see the McMichaels Creek violently overflowing and whipping under the Broad Street Bridge. Then you will see a tree that fell right onto a house on Clermont Street in South Stroudsburg. The next series of photographs are from a downed tree on Park Avenue, which took power lines and a utility pole with it, shattering the pole like a toothpick. Finally, you will see a few of the road closures in Cherry Valley.


2 Responses to “Hurricane Irene – Stroudsburg, PA 2011”

  1. nice shots of the damaged areas that were hit from this dump storm.I was with out power for 20 hours and I couldnt go to work too for they had no you know what its like to boil water on a grill for “A COFFEE DRINKER”,not fun in the least.

  2. You must certainly be a dedicated coffee drinker. And now you gave our daughter this idea for the next time we lose power. Thanks!

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