More Hurricane Irene Photos – Stroudsburg, PA 2011

I was blown away! No, not by Hurricane Irene, but by the number of visits to my blog yesterday. Over 1,000 people visited my blog to see the photos I captured during Hurricane Irene’s visit through northeast Pennsylvania. It was certainly not the worst storm in our state’s history, but the schools in Monroe County were closed the last two days and many people are still without power. This Hurricane caused some definite destruction.

So I went back through my photographs from yesterday and decided to post a few more today. These photographs are from the same areas I mentioned yesterday–all in the town of Stroudsburg. The effects of a hurricane are far-reaching and lasting in many ways.


One Response to “More Hurricane Irene Photos – Stroudsburg, PA 2011”

  1. Bob,

    I read your blog when I had the chance while out west, but didn’t comment as I was using my daughter’s laptop and her keyboard was smaller than I am used too, plus I do not get along with a touch pad, but use a mouse with my laptop, so bottom line I kept writing to a minimum–but I was really interested in your flood photographs. Most of the storm missed us here in Fulton County except for a modest amount of rain. We are now getting some flooding from the current storm, but it is not substantial enough to really cause problems. It seemed hard to think that things were like this back east when it was sunny in Colorado except for a few isolated showers, which were mostly around the high mountain peaks.

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