Fall Baseball

The changing weather and upcoming fall season turns thinking to football. Baseball, however, is in full swing, too!

Today Pleasant Valley High School faced Wilson. It was a beautiful day for baseball. The sunlight only got better as the game progressed, which made photographing this game a lot of fun. The light was completely different than it was on Monday afternoon. The last few photos you see here were taken when the sun was low on the horizon and golden. There is nothing better than sweet light for a photographer!

Shooting baseball games is a passion of mine and I always seem to learn something new. Recently I heard a podcast where a sports photographer was interviewed and he talked about some of the extraordinary photos that can be captured after a play. The first photo you see here on this blog post is Justin Raad after he was walked. He flipped his bat toward his dugout before running down to first base and you can see his eyes focused on the bat, which is still in the air. Another lesson learned is to capture the “peak action.” This is the highlight of a particular play when the action is at it’s peak. I think a few of these photos are good examples of capturing peak action during a baseball game.


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