New 1-day Guided Photo PA Elk Trips Added

Here is an opportunity for you to photograph the majestic elk of Pennsylvania.

You will be guided to the action so you can concentrate on photographing these incredible animals. Our 20+ years of experience can put you onto elk that will leave you filling up your memory cards with one photograph after another.

Fall is the absolute best time to photograph the elk because they are in their glory as the bulls fight for dominance in the rut. Each bull wants a piece of the action and will fight for that opportunity. This combined with the beautiful fall foliage provide breath-taking photographs for you to capture.

To learn more about our 1-day Guided Photo Trips, check out our Pennsylvania Elk Photography Experience website.


2 Responses to “New 1-day Guided Photo PA Elk Trips Added”

  1. I hope your trip goes well and look forward to seeing you and Dick in elk country.

  2. Thanks, Willard! We are really looking forward to the elk rut this year. It should be lots of fun with lots to photograph. We are looking forward to seeing you again, too!

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