Do You Just Shoot the Bull?

Wildlife photographers often strive to photograph only the big bulls. Don’t get me wrong, these majestic creatures are certainly worth photographing. However, if we only focus on the bulls we miss other excellent photographic opportunities. This cow was in the midst of a herd of elk, which included several bulls. Everyone was aiming at the big bulls, but I thought this cow was worth a shot, too. What do you think?


3 Responses to “Do You Just Shoot the Bull?”

  1. LoL! Great title Bob!
    You’re right; much emphasis is put on capturing the mature bulls. This year however I found myself shooting more cows and calves than I had in past years as I attempted to record the entire elk rut experience. I think the focus on the bulls arises from our hunting heritage.

  2. Brad Myers Says:

    Bob, you already know my take on this I photograph any of the animals that present the moment. Just like last month when all the bigger bulls were around and I was focusing on that young bull with about two inch antlers. I liked what he presented and I see the beauty in all the animals not just the bulls.

    A good representation of that from me was the short video of the cow and calf, most people never get to witness that and it is just nature at it’s best.

    I have you given any thought to SNP ffor a couple days next month? I have made my reservations for four nights and five days and can’t wait.

  3. Hi Coy & Brad!

    I figured you would agree on this topic. After all, I’ve seen you both in action behind the camera and I’ve also seen your photographs. I just hope some other photographers see the value of aiming their cameras in the direction of the cows and calves. I believe they have a story of their own that is worth telling through photos. I can’t wait to photograph with you guys again!

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