Midday Light

Many photographers pack up their cameras and photo equipment when the sun gets high in the sky. This is understandable because the midday sunlight is often too harsh for good, quality photographs. However, some days provide excellent light even at midday.

This fall I was in the mountains of Elk County, Pennsylvania during a rainy week. It rained every day I was there! One afternoon I decided to take a walk. It was midday but it was cloudy. On my walk the clouds separated somewhat and the sunlight came pouring through. The light was absolutely beautiful!

Pay attention to the quality of light even at midday. Once in a while it will be okay to shoot photographs even when the sun is high in the sky.


One Response to “Midday Light”

  1. Good morning Bob, I have time to finally comment this morning aver an early wake up call at work. I have been checking often and enjoying the elk shots. Wow we had a great last night and morning, if the rest of the week would have just been the same. You missed a fantastic whitetail rut in SNP this month, maybe someday you can make the trip south.

    I know what you mean about mid day sun. I look at it that I traveled to the location to view and photograph wildlife and that is what I am going to do no matter what. Recorded properly mid day sun can be all right. I have also found it to be a great time to record video.

    If there is and spelling errors here sorry, fat fingers and a small iPad keyboard.

    I hope you and you family have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a successful whitetail hunt.


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