Favorite Photography iPhone App

A quick search for photo apps on Google reveals a plethora of options. There seems to be an app for this and an app for that, everywhere an app app. Ouch, sorry for the Old MacDonald pun. That was bad.

I was just curious to know what you photographers find to be the best photo apps out there. What do you use? Do you have a favorite? Or are there some apps you keep turning to again and again?

Some of my favorite photo apps include:

PS Express – great photo editing and camera

Sunrise Sunset – provides times for sunrises and sunsets according to your location

The Weather Channel – great for weather conditions, temperatures, etc.

WordPress – to keep up with my blog on the go

Angry Birds – yes, I confess that I love this game! Weeeeeeeee

What about you? Which apps do you recommend?



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