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Cumberland Island Ferry Ride

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The 45-minute Ferry Ride to Cumberland Island is relaxing and filled with sights! There’s just something about being on the water!

The Cumberland Queen is the name and ferrying passengers is the game. No cars, no bikes, no pets; just passengers.

Here is a neighboring dock we passed just after launch off.

The tidal marsh ebbs and flows each day to the rhythm of the tides. Sometimes, when the tide is high, it is hard to see where the land ends and the water begins. This phenomenon created some artistic photographs and here is one of my favorites.


1st Day at Kings Bay, Georgia

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Our first day at the Naval Submarine Base on Kings Bay, Georgia was fun. We only had a chance to see a few sights, but we are already having a blast!

We began by devouring a scrumptious seafood dinner at Lang’s Marina Restaurant in Saint Mary’s. James opted for the Captain’s Platter and I had the Seafood combo, consisting of Flounder and Scrimp. It was delicious!

James is very much looking forward to his submarine training, which commences tomorrow at 17:00.

Getting Excited before a Photo Trip

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Do you get excited before embarking on a photo trip?

If you do then you have company! I leave tomorrow to take our son, James, to the Naval Submarine Base in Kings Bay, Georgia, for submarine training. My wife, Denise, found a photo destination for me to do some wildlife photography on Cumberland Island, a barrier island off the coast of Georgia. I am hoping to see and photograph alligators, sea turtles, birds, turkey, and more.

The planning and packing are nearly finished now, but I am still a little nervous about this trip. I will be camping and hiking in the backcountry wilderness and the island doesn’t have any stores or anything to buy in terms of food or essentials. You have to pack it all in and out yourself! this obviously requires adequate and complete planning. Many years ago I did some extreme backcountry hiking and camping but that was many moons ago. Will I remember all I need to survive comfortably?

Also, I never encountered an alligator in the wild. I saw some at an alligator farm one time in Florida but that is completely different. I also heard there are three poisonous snakes on Cumberland Island. To make matters even more interesting, I just weighed my backpack today and it weighed it at exactly 55 pounds! Hmmm, and this is supposed to be fun? Yes, it will be fun; loads of fun and I can’t wait! I am extremely excited before this photo trip!


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Anytime we are outdoors on a photo shoot the weather can change. At the very least, we need to be prepared for this change by being sure to have extra clothing. I like to say, “prepare for the worst and hope for the best!”

I actually enjoy the weather changes we experience in the outdoors. I used to sit with my dad on our front porch watching the lightning hit the power line towers in the field across from our house. I guess my fascination with weather changes does come from my dad.

The other great thing about these weather changes is they make great photographic subjects!

Most photographers like good weather, especially when we are out in the elements. We also know, however, how a cloudy day can create better lighting situations on a mid-day scene. One good rule of thumb for wildlife and nature photographers is to stay out when the weather changes. Caution is certainly to be advised in extreme weather, but when the clouds do come they can create some interesting photographs.

The next time you are out and the weather begins to change, consider sticking with it to capture the weather changes with your camera.

Talking Elk?

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These photographs appear to suggest that the elk are talking!

Elk, both cows and bulls, do make audible, verbal sounds. Bugling and barking are just two examples. Photographs obviously do not let us hear these sounds, but the expressions and details of the elk do reflect some of the energy behind these sounds.

Sometimes an elk is eating food and it just looks like the elk is talking when its mouth is open between chews. Other times we are actually able to photograph an elk making a sound. A bull’s bugle is probably the most sought after example of this.

The next time you are watching or photograph the elk, pay attention. They just might be doing some talking!

New Photo of the Month

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Now that May is over, I posted a new Photo of the Month on my Perfect Game Photos website.

Each month I sift through all my sports photos and present one of the best as the Photo of the Month. I then post the photo on the website and add a description about the photograph. This past month’s photograph is Pleasant Valley baseball player, Howie Stevens, laying down a bunt.

Bunting might seem rather mundane and unexciting, but look at the action in this photograph. The dust cloud coming off the bat dispels the rumor that bunting is boring. I believe the photo shows the drama and excitement in the ordinary bunt. What do you think?

Thank You, Players!

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Thank you to all the players and parents who appreciated and commented on my baseball photographs from the 2012 Pleasant Valley season.

It was a great year for me in many ways and I believe I am getting better and better in my sports photography abilities. You players certainly helped me by making some amazing and acrobatic plays on the field! You put the energy and action on the field and I was fortunate to capture some amazing moments from this season.

Last night’s Baseball Banquet celebrated the season and honored the outgoing seniors. It was a true celebration for some amazing athletes and students at Pleasant Valley. The photo presentation I presented captured just some of the highlights and photogems of the season. To see more of this year’s photographs, check out the Sports section of my website.

Thanks again, Pleasant Valley Baseball Players!