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PV Baseball @ Northampton

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PV Baseball 2013-03-27-039 matte

A cold and blustery day was the setting for Pleasant Valley’s second baseball games of the season. It seemed more like fall football weather instead of spring! In the photo above, Adam Raseley is tossing his bat toward the dugout after he walked at his at-bat.

PV Baseball 2013-03-27-131 Matte

The weather did not stop the players from putting their game on the field. Here, Adam Raseley is throwing a ball he gobbled up on a grounder to record an out. Jordan Caffrey is playing first base. The PV infield was strong all through this game!

PV Baseball 2013-03-27-170 Matte

Here, Travis Van Houten is eying up a pitch coming into his zone. PV strung together some good hits and capitalized on some costly errors made by Northampton. PV stayed on top to earn the victory and go 1-1 in the early 2013 season.

PV Baseball 2013-03-27-234 Matte

Third baseman, Austin Yoffredo, is throwing to 1B to secure another out on defense.

PV Baseball 2013-03-27-543 Matte

James Shank worked a count deep and received a base-on-balls twice in the late innings.



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Charlie Brown 2013-03-15-091 Matte

A “Director’s Cut” of a movie is the Director’s own preferred edit. “Dances With Wolves,” one of my all-time favorite movies, has a Director’s Cut. So this got me to thinking–since I am a still photographer why not create my own version of the “Director’s Cut” from my photo galleries?

Charlie Brown 2013-03-15-311 Matte

My creative thinking was based on two reasons. First, on any photo shoot, I have my personal favorite shots that I prefer for one reason or another. It might be the lighting, the composition, the expression on a face, or any other reason why I just like some of my photographs. Second, I create very large photo galleries after a photo shoot. For example, at the recent Pleasant Valley High School musical, “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!” I produced over 9,000 photos! Even once the photos are edited and the bad ones removed, this results in some extremely large galleries. So my second reason was to offer more manageable photo galleries for visitors on my website to view.

Charlie Brown 2013-03-15-1657 Matte

I am calling these preferred photographs from a photo shoot “Pcuts.” They represent this photographer’s personal favorites for one reason or another.

Charlie Brown 2013-03-15-145 Matte

I just posted my newest Pcuts of the first performance of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!” on my website. If you care to view these Pcuts (my personal favorites), you can view them here. The photographs you see here are just a few of the Pcuts from Friday’s performance.

Charlie Brown 2013-03-15-1688 Matte

Charlie Brown 2013-03-15-1874 Matte


Opening Day!

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PV Baseball 2013-03-23-004 Matte

Opening Day of the Pleasant Valley Baseball Season took place today at Freedom High School in Bethlehem, PA. The wind was blustery and cold, but there was excitement in the air as the 2013 Baseball Season got under way!

PV Baseball 2013-03-23-029 Matte

Howie Stevens took the mound for the PV Bears. The senior pitcher mixed it up with fast balls, curves, and change ups. He provided a very solid performance for the first game of the season and went the distance!

PV Baseball 2013-03-23-102 Matte

Dylan Frankenfield took the mound for Freedom and also pitched a great game! He overcame a slight defensive problem in the first inning and pitched out of the trouble. His complete game was very solid, too!

PV Baseball 2013-03-23-290 Matte

The game was scoreless through three innings. Then Freedom put together a good inning when PV committed a few errors. Freedom mixed in some well-placed hits and scored three runs to take the lead.

PV Baseball 2013-03-23-458 Matte

Frankenfield came to the plate later in the game and hit an rbi single to go up 4-0.

PV Baseball 2013-03-23-156 Matte

PV made a valiant effort in the bottom of the last inning to make a sizable threat. Hits by Stevens, Hrbek and Domenici helped to put a crooked number up with only one out in the inning!

PV Baseball 2013-03-23-725 Matte

The Bears produced three runs to make it a one-run game. What an exciting Opening Day for both teams!

PV Baseball 2013-03-23-508 Matte

To view more photographs from today’s game click on the following links:

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Pleasant Valley High School’s Dress Rehearsal of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!”

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Charlie Brown 2013-03-14-121 Matte

Pleasant Valley High School just finished a fantastic weekend performing the musical: “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!” The students did an absolutely wonderful job and the co-directors, Mr. & Mrs. Mulligan did an amazing job preparing these actors for the weekend. They should all be very proud!

Charlie Brown 2013-03-14-169 Matte

I had the opportunity to capture the drama on the stage with my camera. I attended all the performances, including the Dress Rehearsal. The photographs here in this blog entry are just a few of my favorite “Pcuts” which stands for “photographer’s cuts” or my favorites of this performance. I still have to edit the photos from the three live performances so I have a lot of work to do!

Charlie Brown 2013-03-14-297 Matte

I hope these photographs do justice to the outstanding performance of these PV students. They were absolutely amazing!

Charlie Brown 2013-03-14-681 Matte

You can see all the Pcuts of the Dress Rehearsal here.

Charlie Brown 2013-03-14-861 Matte


You can view all the photographs from the Dress Rehearsal here.

Charlie Brown 2013-03-14-1298 Matte

Charlie Brown 2013-03-14-1674 Matte

Charlie Brown 2013-03-14-1846 Matte

Charlie Brown 2013-03-14-1863 Matte