Photo of the Month Hits Newstands!

Inside Pitch

Some of you may not know that I have another website called Perfect Game Photos. This site features my sports photography, which is a fast-growing area of my photographic interests. Six of my photos were published in our daily newspaper, The Pocono Record, this past week!

The Perfect Game Photos website is a collection of my favorite sports photographs captured at exciting moments. I believe that each game has a unique story to tell and it’s our job as sports photographers to capture the exciting action of the players and the plays as they unfold.

The name, “Perfect Game Photos,” comes from two similar and connected ideas. First, and most obvious, a pitcher in baseball can pitch a perfect game. This is a very big deal for the fans, the team, and especially, the pitcher. Similarly, as a sports photographer I try to have a perfect game behind the viewfinder every time out. What I mean by this is I try to capture the exciting moments of the plays as they unfold and I want to capture the action in clear focus to help make the play a memory for a lifetime! Second, when I played ball back in the day, I set a high goal for each game: I wanted to bat perfectly at the plate, getting a hit every time at the plate, score a run every time I got on base, and play error-free in the field. I’m not sure I ever once met this high standard, but it was a great motivator to help me play at my highest level. Now, when I am shooting a game, I want my photography to be at the highest level, too! So, these are the two reasons why my sports photography website is named Perfect Game Photos.

Each month I try to post the best photo of the month. It’s not a fancy name, but I hope it displays some of my best work and shows my ability to capture the exiting action on the field. You can see the current photo of the month to see what I am talking about.

Take a moment to check out my sports photography website. And if you get a chance, drop me a line to let me know what you think about it. I am continuing to hone my skills in capturing the action and I am beginning to gain wider exposure by working with the Pocono Record. Some day I hope to capture the perfect photo!


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