About Me

My name is Bob Shank and I thoroughly enjoy wildife photography. I do engage in many other forms of photography such as sports, school musicals, senior portraits, wedding photography, and more. Wildlife photography is my favorite photographic subject and living in the Poconos lends itself to incredible photography opportunities for me. You can check out my website for more information.

I live in the Poconos of northeast Pennsylvania and have plenty of opportunities and places to use my camera. My two children, Lydia and James, play sports which offers me some great active subjects. Sports photography is fast becoming a staple in my photography repertoire.

My favorite style is wildlife photography. I am fortunate to have a cabin in the midst of the elk herd of Pennsylvania. The elk are beautiful creatures and a thrill to observe. The fall breeding season is the absolute best time of the year to photograph them. Bulls are fighting for dominance and breeding rights, while the fall colors provide stunning backdrops.

Besides, there is no place like the mountains!

I am a graduate of Temple University with a Communications degree in the magazine sequence. My favorite class was photography where I would receive assignments each week and then take my Minolta x370 out into action. I developed the film in my makeshift darkroom in my apartment bathroom. The final step was taking the negatives to Temple’s darkroom to make my enlargements. Our professor was brutal in critiquing our photos, but this helped us learn to be much better photographers. I am still learning today and loving every lesson!


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. David E. Myers Says:

    Hi Bob My name is David Myers, no relation to Brad or Shane Myers. I seen on Shane’s blog spot you ask about air shows. I’m retired out of the Air Force and I follow the air show schedule. It normally comes out the first of the year or early spring. I can let you know the area schedule. Air Shows are great to see and photo.

  2. Mr. Shank,

    Heard about you from Willard Hill. I’d like to invite you to join my Elk Scenic Drive (Pennsylvania) page on facebook! We would really benefit from your input.

    Have a great weekend!

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