Black Bear

Last week I was able to see and photograph a black bear!

You can view some of these photographs here.

It was great fun watching this young bear take bags from the dumpster, carry them to his stash, and rummage through them. It was fun to watch! I cannot remember a time when I was able to be this close to a black bear with my camera in hand. I made sure to follow wildlife protocol not to get too close and my past years of outdoor experience came in handy in this situation. The bear was not all that big but it was a thrill nevertheless.

As you can see, this bear has two ear tags that I assume were attached by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. I hope this bear does not become a nuisance, and more importantly, I hope some well-meaning but misinformed humans do not get this bear in trouble. Watching, observing, and photographing are certainly acceptable; but don’t get too close or try to pet wildlife!

I hope you enjoy viewing these photos.


3 Responses to “Black Bear”

  1. What a wonderful encounter, Bob. I hope you are doing well and hope to see you again during bugling time.

  2. Yes, I am doing very well, Willard! I will be up on the elk range the last week of September. I hope we get the chance to photograph some big bulls together then!

  3. I should be there then too.

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